Social Studies

Your child will have Miss Sturdivant for Social Studies. 

Our goal for the year:  By the end of the year your child will be very knowledgeable about the country in which he/she lives and how the history of that country effects the present and future.

Social Studies topics:
  • Economy and Community
  • United States Geography
  • Civil War
  • Westward Expansion
  •  Industrial Revolution
  •  Decades of the 1900’s
  •  Presidents
  • Current Events

          This year in Social Studies we will use technology in a variety of ways.  We will do online research and create presentations on Prezi and PowerPoint. 

Social Studies:

          We use a textbook to study about the United States and its history.  We have begun the year with a chapter over United States Geography. The first grading period will primarily focus on landforms of the U.S and how the economy and community systems of our country work together.  This study of our economic system will be a part of the Junior Achievement curriculum.  We will wrap up this study with a visit to JA Biztown.  Later in the fall we will start with the Civil War and move forward through time to present day.   Daily grades count as 40% of the grade with tests will count 60% of the grade.


          Our goal in social studies this year is for each student to gain a better understanding of their country and how it works.  By the end of the year each student should have a more complete understanding of basic economics and how a city works.  They should also have a better working knowledge of the country in which they live and how it was formed.