Your child will have Mrs. Keck for Science.

In class, we will be using a system of teaching that incorporates vocabulary, lab skills, critical thinking discussions, online research,  and small group activities.  Everything we will be doing in class will be a building block for future science classes.  The fundamentals that we cover are the foundation of all Science studies. 

By the end of the year students will...
  • Be able to ask questions, define problems, investigate, collect data, and draw conclusions through the application of Scientific Inquiry Processes. Students will be able to build on this foundation in more complex situations through their educational career.
  • Learn that animals, plants and their environments are connected to, interact with, and are influence by each other.
  • Use a model to describe the way that energy and matter are cycled through an ecosystem through the connections and relationships among plants and animals.
  • Understand the relationship among elements of Earth's systems through the water cycle and the impact of human practices and processes on Earth's resources.
  • Develop and use a model to describe how parts of cells contribute to the cellular functions of obtaining nutrients and water from its environment, disposing of waste, and producing energy.
  • Explore traits, chromosomes, DNA, and genes.
  • Be introduced to the characteristics of matter, the changing states of matter, and measure and graph the weights of substances before and after a reaction or phase change to provide evidence that, regardless of the type of change that occurs, the total weight of matter is conserved.

Our goal for the end of the year: 
  • By the end of the year your child will be comfortable using Scientific Inquiry Processes to ask questions, think critically, and carry out investigations in order to discover, find solutions and answer scientific questions.
  • Your child will understand relationships between living things in the ecosystem-- and the impact that humans have on Earth's systems
  • Most importantly, your child will be able to see more closely the intricate detail and creativity that God used in creating the Earth and everything in it. They will have eyes to see His hand in all of Earth and life's processes.

Daily grades count as 50% of the grade
Test grades count as 50% of the grade