Language Arts

Fifth graders are blessed to have two periods each day for Language Arts. This allows us to spend quality time reading, writing, and working on the mechanics of English in an integrated way. Your child will have Mrs. Batson or Mrs. Burris for Language Arts. We plan activities and curriculum together so that all students have a similar experience. 

Our Goals for the Year:

  • Reading - to develop a love of reading and be able to make inferences and draw conclusions more and more independently
  • Vocabulary - increase the vocabulary that students use and understand
  • English/ Writing - become thoughtful, confident writers who use grammar and writing skills  to communicate ideas effectively in a variety of styles

    We believe that readers and writers are learners so our students are expected to read and write daily.  In class, we will be reading class novels, short stories, nonfiction passages, and books that students have selected for themselves.  We will be writing drafts, lists, responses and revising our writing to create finished pieces.  At home, students will have writing assignments and other tasks that compliment the reading, writing, and grammar that is done in class.  Students will also be expected to read each night.  Sometimes that will be assigned pages, but most of the time that will be the outside reading book.  All of these assignments are intended to help students become independent readers, writers, and learners.

    Students are expected to have an outside reading book at all times.  As teachers, we will monitor the students reading to be sure that the books students choose are appropriate for them and that they are comprehending the books as well as completing them. Grades for outside reading will be process grades; there is no doubt that this regular reading will positively impact all subject areas, including vocabulary growth.  Take a look at these interesting statistics:

    Please help us encourage your child to participate in the reading and writing that will help them be the best students that they can be.

    Grading in Language Arts:

    Academic grades will be calculated using total points, 50% for English/Writing and 50% for Reading. Homework completion will be monitored and recorded in Renweb as will be Process skills such as work ethic and purposeful participation in groups, in reading, and in writing workshop.

    English Concepts      
    • Simple, compound, and complex  sentences
    • Parts of speech
    • Direct  and indirect objects
    • Punctuation & capitalization
    • Predicate nouns and predicate adjectives
    • Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms
    • Possessives

    Reading Concepts
    • Finding the main idea                                                                          
    • Identifying supporting details                                         
    • Vocabulary clues                                                                  
    • Putting events in sequence                                             
    • Drawing inferences                                                           
    • Distinguishing fact from opinion
    • Point of View               
    • The Reader as Detective
    • Wonder
    • My Brothers’ Keeper
    • A Wrinkle in Time
    • Out of the Dust
    • Belle Teal
    • Outside Reading   

    Writing Concepts
    • Personal Narrative
    • Informative writing 
    • Research-based argument
    • Poetry
    • Schoology discussions
    • Reflections

    • Word processing skills
    • Introduction to school email
    • Web 2.0 tools
    • Web research skills
    • Creating digital content