Grading for Learning

At Lipscomb Academy, we feel it is imperative that our students receive excellent coaching and feedback from teachers as they work through new skills.  We believe grades should reflect what a student knows and is able to do. In fifth grade, our grading and reporting system clearly communicates the academic status of a student as measured by achievement of academic standards adopted and developed by Lipscomb Academy. We also use our Homework Codes and Process Grades to more clearly communicate other areas valued by our school, such as work ethic, participation and responsibility.

In fifth grade, students are allowed one "redo" for daily assignments within the unit. Examples of daily assignments are things like classwork, quizzes, and small projects. If the student feels that an assignment should be redone to show a higher level of understanding, evidence of new learning must take place before the reassessment is given. Students are responsible for seeking out and scheduling the redo.

End of unit assignments such as tests or major projects are not intended to be re-taken unless the teacher deems necessary. In addition, all reassessments must take place in the time frame designated by the teacher.

Click here to view Lipscomb Academy's Grading for Learning page with additional information and videos. 

Academic Grades:
100           A+
94-99        A
93             A-
92             B+
86-91        B
85             B-
84             C+
76-83         C
75             C-
74             D+
71-73         D
70             D-
Below 70    F

Renweb Codes for Process Grades: 
4- exceeds expectations
3- meeting expectations
2- attempting expectations
1- below expectations

RenWeb Codes for Homework:
2- completed on time
1- completed late
0- incomplete
A- absent
E- excused

Conduct scale:
0-1               Excellent
2-5               Satisfactory
6-10             Needs Improvement
11 or more   Unsatisfactory

Progress Reports and Report Cards:

  • Progress Reports: Progress reports will be emailed at weeks 3, 5, and 7 of each quarter.
  • Report Cards: This year your child’s report card will be online. You will be notified when reports cards are ready to view.  
  • AB Achievement and Principal's List: These lists are determined at the end of each grading period. For the AB Achievement List, students must have made as many A's as B's in the academic subject areas and have no grade lower than a B-­. Principal’s List is all A’s in academic subjects.