How can I get my child’s work if they are out sick?
You can check RenWeb to see if your child is able to do any work using the iPad and/or supplies they have at home. We are able to collect assignments and supplies needed to leave in the office for you to pick up after 2:00pm. Assignments can also picked up by an older sibling or be sent home with a neighbor. Please email your child’s teacher to make arrangements.

What do I do if I know my child is going to miss school ahead of time?
Families that plan special trips that conflict with regular school days will need to fill out the Anticipated Student Absence Request form that can be obtained in the middle school office. The form should be completed two weeks prior to the planned trip to be approved as an excused absence. Unexcused absences will require one day of afternoon school for each day missed.

We know that some absences are unavoidable and cannot be planned. Excused absences include family emergencies, sickness, and school-sponsored / pre-approved activities. In these cases, please email your child's homeroom teacher and Ms. Grissim as soon as you can. These absences carry no penalty, provided all missed work is made up in a timely manner as determined by the teacher. A physician’s statement may be required.

What/When is Nature’s Classroom?
Our 5th Grade trip is March 27-29. We will have an informational meeting prior to the trip. If you would like more information please visit If you would like to be considered for a chaperone, please email your child’s homeroom teacher.

When is the best time to schedule appointments?
Our academic periods are finished by 12:30. Please make afternoon appointments, if possible.

How do I see my child’s graded work?
All graded work should be on your child’s iPad or in the big folder. Tests are sent home to be signed. All grades will be recorded in RenWeb.

What are these abbreviations in Renweb?
TSW= The student will
TTW= The teacher will

How can we celebrate birthdays?
You are welcome to send a treat in the morning and we will take it with us to lunch. Please keep this to one cookie, cupcake, or other individual, pre-cut item.

What if my child forgets…

     something at school?
     Please give your child strategies to solve this problem. Could they call or email a friend? 
     We encourage not coming back up to school to retrieve items from the classroom.

     something at home?
     Please don’t bring things to school other than lunch. We are trying to teach students 
     responsibility and ownership.

     his or her iPad?
      Let your child bear the consequences. If there is a school iPad available, then he/she may be able to borrow it; otherwise, your child will need to complete activities without it and possibly catch up in their own time.