General Information

Welcome to Fifth Grade and to our classrooms! We are already enjoying working with your children and look forward to getting to know your families this year. Fifth grade is a time of growth and change. This year you will see your child learn to take ownership for his or her learning as well as being more responsible for his or her own work. Our team of teachers loves working with this age group and is excited to see them develop throughout this year.

We have a number of routines in place in Fifth Grade to help your child develop good work and study habits. All of us expect students to use the iPad to track assignments and tests.  Assignments are discussed each day. We also maintain assignment boards and calendars in our classrooms.   As we leave homeroom, we discuss what materials are needed for other classes.  Our folders are used in all academic subject areas to organize class materials. We will work on note taking skills and test preparation as well.

Our daily schedule:

  • 7:45-8:35                            First period
  • 8:40-9:25                            Second period
  • 9:30-10:15                          Third period      
  • 10:20-11:05                         Fourth period
  • 11:10-11:40                         Lunch
  • 11:45-12:30                         Fifth period
  • 12:30-12:50                         Free Play
  • 12:55-1:15                           Chapel
  • 1:20-2:05                             Encore classes
  • 2:10-3:00                             Bible/study hall

Service Projects:
Our middle school is focusing on Schools Serving Schools. In this context, we partner with Haywood Elementary School. This year our students will participate in various projects for the students at Haywood. 

We also collect Boxtops for Education which are sent to General Mills. They give us 10 cents per Boxtop. This money is donated to the Por Los Ninos Children's home in Honduras.

University Connections:
As part of our Emerging Leaders program, fifth grade partners with the Institute of Law, Justice, and Society to provide our students with experiences that help them understand the importance of being active, involved citizens.

In the past we have also had the opportunities to attend a Health Fair put on by University Students, visit Science labs and special library collections, and work with other Lipscomb University professors. We hope to have these same experiences this year!

Classroom Management/Conduct:
  • Demerits – recorded in the classroom & Renweb
  • Fabulous Fridays – a reward for good behavior (at least an S in conduct)
  • Review our detailed classroom management plan HERE

We will have assignments most nights.  We hope it will take no more than 30 minutes to one hour including studying, written work, and 20 minutes of outside reading.  If your child is routinely having more than this, please let the homeroom teacher know.  We try to lighten the load on Wednesdays so that homework will not make anyone miss midweek Bible study.

Tardies, Absences, and Early Dismissals:
Much more information is available in the Student Handbook on page 18-19Pay particular attention to the information about tardies and anticipated absences.

When your child is absent, he or she has one day for each day missed to make up the work.  Be sure to email Ms. Grissim and your child's homeroom teacher, so that the absence can be excused.
There are several half-days and even whole days on the calendar this year for curriculum planning.  Please try to schedule doctor’s appointments, etc., on these days.  If your child must leave school early, please send an email to Ms. Grissim and your child's homeroom teacher that morning.  Then check your child out of school through the middle school office.

Also, when you visit school, sign in at the office.  This helps us know who is in our building at all times. For safety, most of our outside doors are locked at 8:00 each morning.  Plan to enter by the offices after that time.

Please make a snow day plan with your child.  If school is dismissed early for weather, it will not be possible for every student to call home.  Instead discuss what arrangements you have made for this situation.  Listen to the radio and television or check the website or your email for an E-news Blast to see if we are dismissing early.

Dress Code Reminders:

  • Cargo shorts are not allowed.
  • Boys must wear a belt with their shirts tucked in.
  • Any outerwear worn in the school building must be Lipscomb approved outerwear. Hoodies are not allowed.
  • Undershirts must be white, black, gray or the same purple as the Lipscomb uniform shirt.
  • Girls may only wear black or white opaque leggings or solid black sweatpants under the uniform skirt.
  • More information is available on page 10 of the Student Handbook.

All fifth grade students are to be picked up at the back of Harding Hall.  If your child rides with a high school sibling, he or she should be picked up by a sibling in the fifth grade hall.

Students’ ID cards may be used as a debit card.  You may load money by sending a check to school.  More information can be found HEREPlease put at least $5.00 on your child's card for emergency use, even if he or she will not be buying lunch.  Then, make sure the card stays in the backpack for those hectic days when he or she runs off without lunch.

In addition, students will need their ID cards to check out books from the Middle School Library.  Please help your child choose a spot in his or her folder or backpack to keep the card at all times.

  • On your child’s birthday, feel free to send a treat for the class at lunchtime.
  • Also, you are welcome to eat lunch with your child.
  • Scholastic book orders will be sent home from time to time. You may order by sending in a check made out to the book club or you may order online. That information will be sent home separately.
Contact Us:
Mrs. Batson:,  615-966-6363 (w) , 205-218-6134 (h)
Mrs. Burris:, 615-966-6455 (w), 615-969-5959 (h)
Mrs. Keck:, 615-966-6456 (w), 865-805-6478 (h)
Mrs. Knott:, 615-966-6454 (w), 615-473-9733 (h)
Ms. Sturdivant:, 615-966-6358(w), 901-605-9965 (h)

While we want to be available and helpful, please be respectful of our family time in the evenings. Please call in the event of an emergency.